Music Video Distribution

Deliver music videos to the top video platforms.

Let us deliver your video(s) to the most important video destinations.

Upload once, and we’ll deliver for our base rate of $95 per video or $150 for all platforms.

How Does it Work?

Fill out your form? ?? Pay $95 (Base) or $150 (Plus) ?? Upload your music video? ?? And that’s it!

*During the submission process, you can choose to have us send your music video to one, some or all our available BASE partners*
** PLUS partners include Latido Music, MOOD:, ViewLift, Xumo, Noiseporn & XITE, and are available for an additional fee of $55. Curated content only **

Music Videos That We Have Distributed…

Where will your video be shown with each partner?

VEVO – Includes VEVO branded Youtube channel and submission for featured artist slots

TIDAL?–?All mobile and desktop devices

APPLE? – Streaming on Apple Music and placed in the iTunes store for sale, under your artist catalog

Plus?– Our?“Plus” promotional package gets your video placed on new unique platforms. An additional fee applies, curated content only.

Distribute Your Video Today

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