Jose Reyes


We aimed to build out Jose Reyes’ audience by capitalizing on his baseball fanbase and launch the new singles “Enemy” and “5 Mujeres” to develop a new fanbase across all digital platforms.


Label: Siete Music
Genre: Reggaeton

Our Strategy

  • Released 2 singles across DSPs as well as corresponding music videos to maximize reach across DSPs
  • Launched and optimized new official Youtube channel with focused targeting
  • Developed artist story with playlist curators including the tracks being produced by all-star Chael Produciendo (Bad Bunny, Diplo, El Alfa), baseball career, and more
  • Triller dance challenge campaign featured for “5 Mujeres”


  • 50% growth across streaming services?
  • 1.1M audience reach via several Spotify editorial playlist
  • 7.3M views solely through YouTube optimization??

Playlist Pickup

New Music Friday Latin


Viral Latino

“5 Mujeres”

Baila Dembow

“5 Mujeres”

La Barberia

“5 Mujeres”

Flow Dominicano


Los Traperos


Tidal Rising: Latin


Tidal Rising: Latin (Video)


Dale Dembow


Introducing Latin

“5 Mujeres”

Official YouTube Channel

  • Launched November 2018
  • Accumulated 55k subscribers in 3 months
  • Accumulated 7.3M views across 3 official music videos in 3 months

YouTube Optimization

Utilizing our video intelligence tools, we created a keyword bank of high-affinity search terms (artists, songs, genres, etc.) that optimize the content for YouTube’s recommendation algorithms. We organically reached 7.3M views across 3 videos.

Press Highlights


Jose Reyes shows off his musical side

A Mets All-Star Makes a Foray Into Music

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